Community Organizers

July 24, 2007

Seth Godin has an excellent post on the need for community organizers in the virtual world. In one of my conversations with Deap Ubhi founder of Burrp, he extolled the importance of community organizers – I could’t agree more.

So if you wish to become a community organizer at Locomi, drop me a mail at and we’ll get in touch with once the site is up and running.



Updates on Locomi

July 24, 2007

Well yeah, thats what we have decided to call it. In this world of crazy Web2.0 names, Locomi actually means something. Lo, stands for local, co for content and mi – for me ( we didn’t get Locome – it didn’t sound half as cool anyway) – essentially its a social networking platform for giving me locally relevant content.

Other updates apart from the name? Well – we are still working on the logo and should have something soon. The backend work has started and we should be ready for a private beta by mid-September at the very latest. A big thanks to our development team at Anblik for devoting long crazy hours to this.

On another note, our team is out scouring Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Calcutta with GPS devices for hangouts that are popular with our target demographic – restaurants, clubs, gyms, theatres, salons and the like. We hope to have the most comprehensive database of such locations by September. Its costing us a bomb but is worth every penny and then some more. It gives us significant IP that we could sell later to the likes of Google.

That’s it for now. Will keep updating this blog as and when I can. Which reminds me, I need to work on the blog’s visibility. Time for some much necessary PR.


We’ve all gone through it some time or the other – signed up for ‘SquirrelMail’ with one of the domain name providers and gotten stuck with some shitty email service with space enough to hold a day’s worth of mails.

We decided to switch to Google Apps for Your Domain instead and its been smooth going ever since. I get to use my favorite email client (Gmail), get a 2GB inbox, amazing search features, integrated chat – the works. Its the best solution out there for startups.

We infact recommend it for all the educational institutions we work with. So move over Squirrel Mail guys – it sucks!


The standard layout

June 14, 2007

As promised, here is the new ‘standard’ layout as we call it for the site. We really should give it a name now – i am tired of calling it the site. Let us know what you think!

Update: There is a newer version (which I just go to know about ) – will put that up in some time.


For any startup, getting your website designed is always an issue. You need it to be attractive, striking and at the same time you can’t afford much. What do you do? Well – for one there are a number of templates available online – so if your website is serving as nothing more than an information resource, then this might be a good idea. If your startup is a web based one however, then this obviously won’t do.

One way to do this is to source for freelancers – preferrably college students. These guys are good because they (usually) do it as a hobby. People who are genuinely interested in design vis-a-vis the kind who use templates, modify them and claim to be web desgners (and there is no dearth of them in India)- are obviously going to be a hell lot better. And they primarily they do it to earn some good money while focussing on their studies – which means that don’t chareg all that much.

We got our corporate website designed by a friend of mine who is studying at Manipal currently. He did a fab job for us and he’s working with us on the design of the social networking site as well.

Its looking great! Thanks a lot Sid..


Collaboration Solutions

June 13, 2007

Was hunting around for some tools (free of course) which would allow for collaboration amongst far flung founders, developers and designers ( yes, we do manage to get work done inspite of this) and found a couple of really nifty tools that I thought I would share

 a) Vyew – excellent for desktop sharing, document collaboration etc. Here is Techcrunch’s coverage on it.

 b) VMukti – Open source software thats ideal for multi way video conferencing. These are the only two I have managed to check out till date – will let you know if I find some more.


The hunt for a name..

June 11, 2007

Well, the hunt for a name is an all consuming one. We have come up with a few – if you guys do happen to read this blog – would greatly appreciate you letting us know which ones you like the best

 a) Woosaah – Sumit had this as his MSN nick once – I saw it and figured that it could be a nice name – if you are thinking where you have come across this word before – remember Bad Boys? Well – the name has the zing – as expected woosa was taken so we came up with this distorted version. The problem? Well – I dont know if anyone will remember the double a – maybe its a risk worth taking – what’s your take?

b) mochiato – socializing and coffee go hand in hand. And if you are talking coffee – mocha is one of the few words that come to mind. Macchiato is something that CCD and Barista frequenters will know of. Join the two and presto you have mochiato. What do you guys think?

c) Zazzlo – Well, dont ask how i came up with this. It could be used as a verb – Zazzle me or I am zazzling, and there is something about Web 2.0 and the letter Z – think Zoho, Zimbra etc. Yes, No?

d) DeTalee – The Hindi Translation of Hi5. I believe, this is going to be made into a movie – might work though it has two issues –  could be a hinderance if we try going global some time ( yeah, yeah laugh. but who’s stopping us from dreamin) .. besides it may not appeal to the corporate kinds. On the other hand when I asked someone – yeh chalega? She replied back by saying – Orkut – Hello! I run with it! Of course chalega. Maybe we are thinking too much – maybe we should just get a name and run with it.

So let us know what you think. And oh btw, if you think that we still havent developed the site yet – well, we have. I joined Sumit, after he had started this remember? The sites called SchoolScrool. Its currently a Facebook rip, but we are changing all that – adding a whole lot of interesting features and redoing the design completely. Will upload the most recent design in a bit, so you can let us know what you think.

And oh yeah, our parent company – You-At, is in the midst of something exciting. Shall let you know if we manage a deal within the next few days. To check out what we do, please visit the site!